Of course, the most exciting part of becoming a pilot is the actual flight training. You will learn how to "command" the aircraft with a skilled flight instructor at your side making sure that you are safe. Oklahoma Aeronautics Academy utilizes an integrated training program that integrates simulation on the ground and aircraft in flight. Teaching you mastery of the air and letting you experience the absolute freedom of flight.
You will learn all that is needed to ensure that you are a safe and efficient pilot. 
Make no mistake, flight and ground training requires dedication, lots of home study, practice, and a strong will to succeed.
During your training you will need to pass the
FAA knowledge test with a minimum score of 70%. 
At the completion of your training you will be approved by your instructor to go to an FAA flight examiner and be given a comprehensive knowledge and flight check. When you pass that he/she will issue you a brand new private pilot certificate.
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Flight Training is the "bomb"