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Our newest tool to help put you in the command pilot seat is our simulator. The simulator was built with realism and likeness to the training aircraft, and tested by certified pilots and flight instructors. We have taken time to customize and program professional flight simulation hardware. This provides you with flight simulation as close to the training aircraft as possible. Our equipment was built for the sole purpose of helping you get ready for your private pilot certificate as quickly, safely, and with the least expense possible.

We integrated this hardware with the professional grade software produced by Lockheed Martin, a U.S. military partner, and producer of some of America's most sophisticated military equipment. Prepar3d v5 (2021) software is in essence, the same flight simulation software used by the U.S. Airforce and U.S. Navy to train pilots.


We offer you the opportunity to utilize this same technology to perfect your aeronautical knowledge and piloting skills while at the same time, building your confidence and becoming a skilled pilot.

Since the Wright brothers flight in 1903, fledgling pilots have been trained in the same way, one-on-one first, discussion on what the lesson was to be in the air, an inflight demonstration, and the student was then handed a flying aircraft and is expected to master the maneuver as quickly as possible, expecting to go on to the next lesson.


The cockpit is noisy, vibrating, all sorts of new physical sensations are happening, and the instructor is correcting the student while he is suffering sensory overload. Because of this, the cockpit is not the best learning environment. Studies have indicated that only a portion of each flight lesson is fully retained.


However, a simulator having good visual and simulated kinetic fidelity, coupled with likeness to the aircraft to be flown, has the potential to produce an efficient positive transfer of training.


This means that a student can learn cockpit procedures, systems operation, flight procedures, basic flight skills, emergency procedures, resource management, and aeronautical decision making fully integrated with inflight  instruction and practice learned skills, all in the safety of a simulator that replicates the aircrafts flight, at a fraction of the cost.

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