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Insurance is always one of those things that is never a great conversation (except if you are an insurance salesman).
None the less flying poses a potential risk as does driving a car. Flying is far safer than driving, and we must insure ourselves from liability and personal injury if we are going to venture into or around the clouds.
We here at Oklahoma Aeronautics Academy do require non-owner liability and personal injury insurance for all renters of the aircraft.
Below you will see a link to Falcon Insurance who is the academy's insurance carrier and you may want to contact them for further information
You are under no obligation to contact them. You are free to obtain your non-owner policy from any insurance provider you wish.
Initially you will not be required to have the insurance until you are going to fly the aircraft solo. Meaning you fly the aircraft without an instructor aboard the aircraft in flight. 

You may select any insurance company you wish, Falcon specializes in aviation insurance for your pilot training needs. 

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