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Ken Larcher

ATP,CFI,A&P MS Aeronautical Science ERAU 

    Instructor Ken Larcher 

     Began his adult life as a soldier in the United States Army and served as a gunner/ crew Chief on combat UH-1 helicopters where he was awarded the Purple Heart and Silver Star. Ken was further assigned in Georgia and Germany. He left the Army in 1975 and civilian trained as a commercial oil field diver and had assignments in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and the oil fields off the Florida Coast. While working as a diver, Ken found employment with NASA as a thermal protection inspector on the space transportation system (Space Shuttle). During this period he enlisted in the army reserve program and subsequently  re-enlisted on active duty and was assigned in Heidelberg, Germany. 

At the conclusion of his second enlistment Ken left Germany and began studies at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where he earned a Bachelor's and Master's degree and completed an internships with the National Transportation Safety Board and the FAA. Subsequently Ken was  employed with the Federal Aviation Administration as a Human Factors Specialist  where he retired after twenty years of service.

Ken has earned the Commercial pilot and Airline Transport pilot certificate and Instrument rating. additionally he has earned Certified Flight Instructor certificate and the aircraft Mechanic Certificate with airframe and powerplant ratings and authorized aircraft inspector. (A&P/I.A.).  Finally, Ken is an authorized FAA safety team representative and stands ready to assist all airmen/airwomen. 


Ken, in his retirement, has built this flight school where he has developed an FAA approved training program that will allow students to complete their training in a fraction of the time and cost that is now being experienced in the Private pilot training industry.

It is Ken's hope to pass along his training, experience, and new ideas to the next generation of young aviators.

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